Hi, I’m a computer engineer working and studying AI and machine learning. I’m fluent in Python, and I have experience working with PyTorch, OpenCV, and Hugging Face Transformers. I also have experience in teaching programming languages (Python and Java), Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures, Theory of Languages and Automata, and Computer Architecture. In the past, I was a full-stack web developer, working with Django or Flask as the backend framework and React as the frontend framework.

I’m a free software enthusiast. I use GNU/Linux as my operating system, and I believe free software is generally more reliable, flexible, and has more privacy.

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Python Java SQL C++ Bash Script Clojure JavaScript PHP PyTorch Keras HuggingFace NumPy Matplotlib scikit-learn OpenCV pandas Jupyter Streamlit PyQt Django Flask React GNU/Linux Docker Git Vim

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